Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight 192 Pounds left 72

Well I have only lost two pounds this week. Thats not what I was hoping for! I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hope it shows me more weight loss next week. This wasn't supposed to be a quick fix anyway. I'm thinking about adding running to my work out regimen. It would be so good for me! It's hard to find a babysitter though. Maybe Ill start running when she's napping since her grandpa is always home. Curves is now just another part of my routine. Every weekday I go and I workout for 45 minutes to an hour. It feels so good! I'm feeling more tone now. I am still eating healthy but I think I am going to follow Curve's advice and stick with 1200 calories a day. Even though it was only two pounds I am still proud of myself.

SW: 199

Monday, February 25, 2008

I will do this

I have been thinking, why did I do this to myself? What made me overeat so much? I thought back and I realized I was 11 when I got put in foster care. I never felt fat before then. Suddenly I hated myself and didn't care anymore. Thinking about it now I think maybe I blamed myself for everything...I know I blamed myself for everything. I need to get over this in order to like myself again. It wasn't my fault my mother left. I have to keep telling myself that. I remember being 11 and weighing 128 lbs and thinking I would just die if I gained another pound. But of course i kept eating. I think It was then that I developed a horrible self image and at the same time it was then that I sabbotaged myself. It's important to realize what makes me this way but it's so hard to face.

On a different note... I believe I am still losing weight but I won't know until thursday's weigh in with Curves. Even if I didn't lose weight this week I have decided not to change a thing because it's no longer just about the weight, it's about loving myself enough to eat right, exercise and enjoy the energy it brings me. Yesterday Curves was closed so I just bought a work out video and worked out at home. It was kind of embarrassing as my whole family watched me shake my booty to the beat :) Mother tells me she notices a big difference in me already. I haven't had anyone else notice though and that's ok...its a small weight loss right now so I'll just count my blessings and be happy with what I have. I have these "Skinny jeans" that I have and I can't wait to fit back into them. They are a size 7. That will be the day! One day at a time though. It's not just that I can do this, it's that I will do this.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weight 194 Pounds left 74

It has been a few days and let me tell you I feel great. I have only missed one day of exercise in the past 8 days. I can feel muscles being created. I have more energy, I'm happier with myself, I don't crave the fatty stuff as much anymore. Curves is awesome. The ladies really show me respect and are like friends really. I go in there I do my 45-60 minute workout and it feels like It's just social hour. Everyone is so sweet. I am now down 5 lbs already making my new weight 194 lbs. This is exciting. I have a wedding to go to in May (two of them actually) I want to look good all dressed up. I think I'm losing inches but I don't want to jinx myself. I am trying my hardest not to over constrict. Making your lifestyle change too restrictive just makes it easier to fail. I am trying to keep the calories up to 1200 and below 1500. I am experiencing boredom with my food choices so I'm going to be looking up some new recipes here soon. I am starting to love myself again. It's a great feeling.

Height: 5'5"
SW: 199
CW: 194
GW1: 160
GW2: 120

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weight 199 Pounds left 79

Hi my name is Sara and I'm changing my life. I had my daughter Kelcy 9 months ago and have used it as an excuse to gain 39 lbs during that time. I was already 160 lbs. I want to use this site to show my progress over time as I lose the weight and gain myself back. I currently weigh 199 lbs. I am only 5'5" tall. Four days ago I joined Curve and decided to give it my all. I cut out all processed foods and only eat the healthy starches. I eat fat free sugar free pudding as a snack. I know now that I can do this! Every 11th I will post my weight loss. I am so excited to get my life back!