Thursday, November 20, 2008

just a little update

well even though I haven't posted in a month, I have still been staying on track. I am 25.5 lbs down from 199 lbs. i am very excited but I know that I am not done yet. I am on new birth control so that is takes away my hunger for the most part. My daughter is doing well too. She is 18 months now and growing like a weed. If anyone likes that I am getting healthy it would be her. So much more I can do with my baby girl when i don't feel like a blob. I have been watching biggest loser every Tuesday and believe it or not; it gives me the motivation i need to continue this weight loss. i have 14 lbs to lose before I hit my first goal. how exciting is that? I know all things are possible if you just work towards your goals and don't give up. Here's a picture of me at 180 lbs....I have since lost 6 lbs but it will give you an idea of what i'm working with. (aka junk in the trunk.) I am the one on the left and my sister is on the right.

SW: 199