Saturday, December 5, 2009


Things have been good. i have just been busy with all the holidays and celebrations. I gained for the first time and it really didn't upset me much because i knew it would keep me motivated throughout the thanksgiving week. It did too. I lost 2.4 this week and feel like a million bucks. Clothes don't fit me and everyone is noticing my weight loss. The biggest change is in the guys that have been flirting with me. I never had that at 180 + pounds. I'm getting there. Mentally I know things have to change. I am so lazy, my house is a mess, my kid needs a bath more than once every three days. I need to find a balance and not just with my weight. I'm such a negative sad person. It's not ok anymore! I'm going to go through my house and throw everything away that isn't necessary. I'm going to bathe my poor daughter, and her and I ...we are going to go out and do more things together.
on a different note; I have been lifting weights at the gym and running afterwords. I love it and I hope I continue to love it. i'm aiming for just 3 days a week. Kelcy and I have a bike now and I am going to start riding her around the neighborhood. Great fun!

starting weight: 180

Week 1: 173.8 -6.2
Week 2: 172.6 -1.2
Week 3: 171.8 -.8
Week 4: 171 -.8
Week 5: 169.6 -1.4
Week 6: 166.4 -3.2
Week 7: 166.6 +.2 Bummer
Week 8: 164.2 -2.4
Total lost:

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