Friday, November 20, 2009

down to 166.4!

I haven't been down to this weight in two years. I don't feel like I've lost weight yet but I keep trucking. I bought a new outfit yesterday that is a size 12 pants and actually fits me. The shirt was a small but i don't see how that size fit. Usually I would be in a larger size due to my bust. As soon as i put the outfit on people started noticing my weight loss. My daughter's daycare was the first to say "my goodness are you losing weight?" it's a very good feeling. My aunt noticed as well as her friend. My cousin told me I look awesome. I'm loving it! I knew I could do this I just had to try harder. My newest obsession is eating at Applebees because they have yummy weight watcher friendly meals. Also light popcorn with a tablespoon of chocolate chips thrown in....I didn't have any clue what I could actually eat! oh and on a side note....Yesterday I was officially accepted into California State University, Chico!

starting weight: 180

Week one: 173.8 -6.2
Week two: 172.6 -1.2
Week three: 171.8 -.8
Week four: 171 -.8
Week five: 169.6 -1.4
Week six: 166.4 -3.2
Total lost:

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