Wednesday, April 2, 2008

analytically speaking

I have been running three days this week so far.....I guess you can call it running. Yesterday I tripped over the raised concrete and I do believe I looked like I was flying...flying, running same difference. I feel like I am losing my mojo just a little bit. Maybe I'll just start counting calories again. I havent done that in a while because I felt like it was making me feel like I had to record my whole life. I'd spend more time analysing my exercise and eating habits than just working out. I think I am guilty of overthinking and analyzing everything. I wonder when i'll get to 170...a decade from now? It was so easy to eat myself out of house and home and gain the weight. In fact that was a pretty consistant weight gain. It's so much harder taking it off. I wish it was like those commercials you see where a random person finds someone's stomache fat just sitting on the stairway, then the narrater says something like someone must have used the stairs. You don't see me finding my stomache flab just hanging out on the stairs........nope it stays put right on the tummy.

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